How to Add Passion and Life into your Corporate Interviews

How to Add Passion and Life into your Corporate Interviews

Whenever I watch corporate marketing videos, my eyes sometimes zone over when I watch interviews that go so deep into the weeds of product or technology.  This type of interview goes over the heads over 99% of the viewing audience. 

But yet, you need to market the product, it’s imperative to talk to the science and technology experts, right? 

I have a secret question I always pull from my interview back pocket that adds life to corporate interviews. 

The key is tapping into their core passion and motivation. 

Before interviewing highly technical staff like scientists, inventors or engineers, ask "What inspires you about your work?" This question awakens their enthusiasm for solving problems and changing the world. Their eyes light up as the human dimension emerges.

An authentic display of passion elevates a dry, overly technical interview. The "what inspires you" response routinely becomes the centerpiece clip because it connects on a basic human level that resonates with viewers. People want to see real human emotion and purpose, not just clinical facts and figures.

This passion is ignited in them, and it adds passion to a video interview.  Nine times out of ten, that answer ends up in the final video, because it’s ultimately … human. 

Try it next time you have a talking head interview. Allow the subject's inspiration to shine through and breathe life into the content. Embrace a balance of technical details with inspirational storytelling to effectively market your products and experts.

Posted: 03/15/2024