3 Questions to Ask Your Video Team

3 Questions to Ask Your Video Team

The discovery call with a potential video team is crucial to the future of your project. Learn our top 3 questions to ask:


1) "Do you understand the vision?"

Everyone involved in your video project needs to be on the same page about its creative vision, whether you are the client, the cinematographer, or the producer. If creative differences or miscommunications appear early on, production or post-production problems will most likely arise as the project progresses. Early communication is key to avoid costly and time-consuming last-minute changes.


2) "What is your creative/conceptual process?"

The creative process can be different between every video team you hire, so asking this question will give you a better understanding of how your team works. Getting the specifics of the process can help navigate the project timeline and clarify your team's involvement and collaborative expectations.


3)"Are the crew and gear accurate for our requests?"

Similar to being aligned with the vision of the project, it's important to know if your video team has the appropriate resources that will output the needs for your company. Even if the vision is synced, not having the right equipment can elicit a much different video outcome. A great video team will know their boundaries.

Posted: 03/02/2023