Best Practices When Filming in Scientific Labs

Best Practices When Filming in Scientific Labs

I wanted to open the new year by sharing some behind-the-scenes from our last shoot for 2022, along with 3 best practices when filming in scientific labs. 

Satellite Film and Video prides itself in our excellence in telling life-science stories. One key aspect of this is producing films in labs.  

#1: Understand the needs for specific protective gear, as well as the safety protocols and guidelines for working in a laboratory. Important research is being done in these spaces, and it’s of utmost importance to take the right precautions to protect any scientific components or equipment.

#2: Creativity with gear. It’s important to know how to set up gear and light in these often restrictive spaces. Labs aren’t necessarily meant for content creation, but with the light lighting and camera work, these research images can really pop off the screen.  

#3 Collaboration with lab technicians and other personnel is essential. Having a deep understanding of the scientific concepts, process and terminology is important to capture engaging and accurate lab footage. 

In 2023, Satellite Films will continue to serve the science community and use our knowledge, visual expertise and experience to tell your important research stories. 

Posted: 01/19/2023