Generative AI usage in Video Production Company Workflow

Generative AI usage in Video Production Company Workflow

I don’t enjoy watching most Gen AI created content. I typically find it awkward and unauthentic.

Satellite Film and Video uses Gen AI in our production company workflow.

Are those contradictory statements?


Now that Gen AI tools have matured a little bit, I want to discuss the way we use those tools.

The truth is that we use AI to help our client productions save money and enhance the final product.

Through countless hours of experimentation, we’ve discovered that AI by itself creates awkward outcomes (many weird fingers and toes).

But the way we use AI is highly curated, highly revised by myself and my other teammates.

Here’s ways that Satellite use Gen AI:

* AI enhances our scriptwriting process.  We will use Claude to create numerous drafts of our scripts. BUT — our team curates the drafts and polishes the final outcomes.

* AI enhances our storyboard process. We will use Midjourney to create storyboards for our narrative productions. BUT — our team revises those drafts in photoshop to curate and create them directly for our aspects

* AI helps our editing workflow, with quicker editing and usage of the AI enhancements of the Adobe Suite — BUT our editor oversees this and is still editing the video and making sure the final product meets our exacting quality standards.

Ultimately, most of this is invisible to the customer — except for a higher quality final product as well as lower costs.

Because ultimately, the core of creativity is human. It’s in the meticulous details. The development, the spark, the human contact — that’s all authentic, and we never want to lose it. That being said, Gen AI is a wonderful and powerful tool.

And we harness that tool to make beautiful products.

The tool doesn’t harness us.

Posted: 05/03/2024