Give Your Brand Video Impact with a Strong Call-to-Action

Give Your Brand Video Impact with a Strong Call-to-Action

Last year, we produced an announcement video for longtime client Thermo Fisher Scientific promoting their new bio-processing facility in Singapore. But it wasn't just an unveiling - it doubled as a recruitment call-to-action for on-site employees.

The key takeaway? Effective brand videos always drive towards a specific purpose. Without a clear call-to-action, you miss an opportunity to motivate your audience.

This video combined voiceover, motion graphics and a QR code to drive the hiring message. By spotlighting ideal employee traits like focus and attention to detail, it gave the appeal a human dimension.

So remember - what do you want viewers to do after watching your content? Visit a website? Buy a product? Seek more information? Rally behind a cause?Define that concrete action upfront when conceptualizing any video or campaign. Then build your narrative and visuals to directly spur that next step.

Videos that inform without direction lose impact. But content that mobilizes your audience creates meaningful results. Treat each project as a chance to move people from Point A to your preferred Point B.

With a compelling call-to-action, your marketing achieves its highest purpose - driving real world impact for your brand. Watch our Singapore Thermo Fisher Scientific video here

Posted: 09/29/2023