Bringing Software Product Features to Life with Storytelling

Bringing Software Product Features to Life with Storytelling


When SaaS company LiveRamp needed a video showcasing their new Analytics Library software, we faced a dual challenge. The film had to clearly explain the product's functionality while also conveying powerful benefits to users. A dry software demo wouldn't cut it. We at Satellite Film and Video needed to take it to the next level.

We started with a script threading the product features into a compelling narrative. It focused on how Analytics Library helps retailers understand consumers and vice versa - connecting capabilities to real-world impact.

With our story structure set, we storyboarded each beat visually. Vivid animation revealed the software interface while additional graphic elements heightened engagement. The video deftly blended utility and storytelling.

The final film as well received by LiveRamp, they shared it extensively with customers. For us, it exemplified our signature approach - translating complex products into captivating stories. By spotlighting how technology helps people, we craft films that resonate at a human level. Watch the video here

Posted: 09/22/2023