Sourcing Local Crews

Sourcing Local Crews

How do you source the best local crews while ensuring your production maintains the quality you need to tell your story?

Drawing on years of experience working with crews across the globe, from the US to Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe, I've directed and produced countless shoots for clients. 

Each project is unique, but a common thread is our reliance on local crews.

We develop our creative concepts and storyboards in close collaboration with our clients. 

Then, we execute these plans with vetted local crews. Typically, only one key team member—either the director or the producer—needs to be on-site. Our clients can trust that the production will maintain the high production value and quality that define Satellite Films.


How do we ensure these crews meet our high standards for cinematography, audio, and lighting?

It's a refined process that we’ve perfected over the years. It starts with reviewing work samples and references from prospective crews. We conduct thorough interviews to assess their compatibility, subject matter understanding, and the quality of their work.

At Satellite Films, we've produced nearly a hundred shoots in Europe and Asia and close to three hundred in North America. This extensive experience has allowed us to build a trusted network of local crews in almost every major city. Whether the shoot is at a lab, a company, or any facility, we have the local resources to make it happen seamlessly.

Every project upholds the high quality that Satellite Films is known for. For our clients and collaborators, this means avoiding additional travel costs while retaining the creative expertise of your agency.

This approach is our superpower, allowing us to keep costs down for our life science and technology customers while delivering exceptional production value.

Posted: 05/31/2024