Tips to Producing Great Product Videos

Tips to Producing Great Product Videos

What are some tips to producing great product videos? 

Sharing a video I produced a few years back for Intuitive for their Table Motion platform. 

In this video, I made the strategic decision to feature the DaVinci surgical system prominently within the interview frame. While the system itself is quite sizable, this visual storytelling technique kept the product top-of-mind as the experts shared their insights, blending the narrative with the technology.

We elevated the production value with smooth, cinematic dolly movements that added a touch of elegance to the product shots. Camera movement, when executed with subtlety and precision, can elevate a corporate story to new heights.

Complemented by captivating motion graphics and a meticulously crafted sound design, this product film told a compelling, high-end story that did justice to the transformative nature of Intuitive's innovative product.


Posted: 03/09/2024