Unlock the Power of Award-Winning Scientific Storytelling Videos

Unlock the Power of Award-Winning Scientific Storytelling Videos

Unlock the Power of Award-Winning Scientific Storytelling Videos

Imagine captivating your audience with compelling scientific content that not only educates but also engages. Last week, Satellite Films won two prestigious Telly Awards for our documentary, "Journey of Innovation," produced in collaboration with life-science company Perkin Elmer. Let’s get into the secret behind creating such remarkable life-science content.

The key lies in the art of storytelling.

Having worked extensively in the world of television in Los Angeles, I discovered the potential of the three-act structure. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's renowned Heroes Journey concept, this narrative framework has been instrumental in creating countless captivating stories. And it can do wonders for science content as well.

Whether you're crafting a product video or a technical piece, infusing your content with this storytelling structure elevates its impact and captivates your viewers. Our award-winning film for Perkin Elmer harnessed the power of Satellite Films' tried-and-true "beginning and end state" structure, leading to resounding success.

Here's how it works:

Act 1: The Beginning - The initial act sets the stage by highlighting your customers' challenges, their pain points, and the shortcomings of the status quo. Dive into the struggles faced by laboratories, be it reduced productivity or difficulty in learning new applications.

Act 2: The Journey - In the second act, introduce your remarkable product or solution. Showcase your company's unique features and illustrate how your offering addresses the customers' pain points. Demonstrate how it empowers scientists and researchers to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

Act 3: The Conclusion - The final act presents the culmination of your customers' journey, the ultimate result, and the transformed state they enjoy after using your product. Showcase the success, the satisfaction, and the positive outcomes your customers experience. This is the pinnacle of your story, leaving your viewers inspired and fulfilled.

By leveraging the Heroes Journey's three-act structure, your life science storytelling will leave a lasting impact on your audience and potentially earn you well-deserved accolades.

Posted: 06/01/2023