What does a Producer Do?

What does a Producer Do?

I wanted to take a moment to honor an incredibly important position in the film production/video agency workflow. 

The Producer.

The Producer wears many hats, but in a nutshell, that person makes sure the project gets done, and makes sure it’s the best it can be.  They need to be client facing, project oriented, on-task and accountable.

Satellite Films has a great producer, and her name is Sarah Whitaker. 

Sarah comes from an event background, also operating her own events company with her sister. But she seamlessly came aboard Satellite Films in 2022 and currently manages all of Satellite’s projects, from scope initiation, to pre-production, to shoot planning to post production managing. 

It’s an understatement to say that Sarah is a key member of the Satellite Films team. 

In her spare time, Sarah is also an avid runner, running 6-8 miles four times a week. She definitely keeps the trains running for Satellite Films.  Thank you for what you do, Sarah!

Posted: 02/09/2024