What’s the Hook for your marketing video? 

What’s the Hook for your marketing video? 

What’s the hook for your marketing video? 

For any kind of marketing collateral, blog, photography, video — it’s important to attract your audience with an opening hook. 

In this short clip from my Elevating the Complex: How to Produce Tech Videos that Don’t Put You to Sleep, I talk about my time working at the The CW Network in Los Angeles, and how I was encouraged to come up with a hook for my marketing content. 

From the video:  “Before I moved to the Bay Area. I worked for the CW and I was a promotions producer. I would get these episodes and I would make these thirty second promos, and my boss there would always say, 'Well, what's the hook? What's the hook of this episode?' And there's a way you can take these briefs from your clients and try to figure out what the hook is for, for your projects.” 

Take a look at the Video here. 

Posted: 01/05/2024