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Apr 15, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it’s a unique time for communications right now, and for videos in particular.  But there are still ways that Satellite Films can potentially be of service to you and your organization

1) Animation, Graphics, Editing

Satellite Films has full animation, post-production, and graphics capabilities. If you’re looking for graphics-based communications, here’s our animation reel.

2) Remote/Hands-Free Professional Interview Studio

We have a fully-remote production studio in the Bay Area. We can offer a professional, remote, high-quality studio experience with professional sound and lighting. 

  • • Cameras, Lighting, and Sound pre-set and sanitized prior to client/guest arrival
  • • Controller in sealed room under separate HVAC system
  • • Remote Entry and Exit - no live human interaction or contact

If you have key opinion leaders or customers in the Bay Area that you’d want to film interviews with, we would film here in this remote format. We could ask questions/coach the interviewee from another location. Then Satellite could file-share the footage back to you. Or you can edit with us, and we can send you the finished project.

3) Zoom /Cellphone Filming Consultation

Right now, there are so many Zoom meetings, and so much filming done on phones. We can consult with you to produce these at the highest quality possible, via available light and optimizing for high-quality audio. 

It’s certainly a unique time for marketing and communications, but we are still built to help.  Please contact Satellite Films Account Manager Lizya for more details:


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