A Story about Independence

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Jul 07, 2021

My company Satellite Films won its first award a few weeks ago. A Silver Telly. I was overjoyed when I found out the news. I felt like I had just won an NBA championship after a grueling seven-game series. But I realized it wasn’t the award itself that made me feel this way. It was all that went into it, all of the nervous moments, sweat equity, the highs and lows on my journey to entrepreneurship. It was the satisfaction from attempting the perilous path to independence.

Satellite Films was only a barest idea in my mind in 2018. Could I leave the stability of a corporate paycheck for something so unknown as my own creative company? I had a child, I had a mortgage; there was so much at stake. Taking the entrepreneurial plunge was a huge risk. Often, it doesn’t pan out. In fact, more often than not, it doesn’t pan out. Could I risk my family’s well-being for this? But I needed to find out if I could go out on my own, to be the master of my own destiny, to taste independence.

It was a rocky beginning. Our first year was up-and-down, hustling to find clients, trying to make ends meet. Some months nothing came in, which led to sleepless nights.

But somewhere along the way, people began engaging Satellite Films and myself, wonderful clients who trusted us to make complex things easy to understand. It grew to a nice little business, with a group of talented and smart clients who believe in our work.

And so, with the Telly, it wasn’t the award itself, but instead the validation that came with all that went into it. To continue the sports analogy, it wasn’t the NBA Championship that made the journeyman player cry, it was the catharsis from hours of pre-dawn workouts, getting cut from teams, the rehabilitation, the injuries, the mental toil and triumphs.

Because Satellite is a small company, when I saw that it was Facebook’s Creative Studio that won the Gold from our Telly category, it made me feel even prouder. We were neck-and-neck with a multi-billion dollar institution that could hire the best of the best.

I thought this would be fitting message for Independence Day, to tell my story of independence. Thank you, reader, for being part of Satellite Films’ journey.



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