Message from Founder Kuang Lee #stopasianhate

News Image: Message from Founder Kuang Lee #stopasianhate

Mar 17, 2021


I haven’t been on Facebook at all recently.  But the recent violence against Asian Americans affected me deeply.


I had never seen this kind of violence against Asians in my lifetime. Sure, I had seen bullying and “slant eyed” gestures in my youth. Those stung.


But these were vicious violent attacks, against our elders, who were  powerless to defend themselves.


I would see articles, daily, about a new attack.


It struck a chord in me of helplessness. “What can I do?”  It struck a nerve similar to trying be the “good kid” and ignore those hurtful gestures as an Asian American kid in a mostly white school. It hurt, but I bit it down.


And that made me feel the same way.  I can’t head over to these streets and turn into a vigilante, and start kicking ass and taking names.


But my superpower is my mind, and my creativity, and my company Satellite Films.


So we made something.  We made something to further awareness on this topic, because these Asian American elderly often don’t have access to a public platform.


Here it is, our response.  WE ARE.


Please watch and Share. Let’s make sure our Asian AMERICAN brothers and sister aren’t the victims of more hate and senseless violence. (Please let me know if you’d like a copy of this video you can share from your own platform as well)




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