Satellite Films Original Documentary "Rooted" Filming Continues

News Image: Satellite Films Original Documentary "Rooted" Filming Continues

Aug 25, 2020

Delighted to share a behind-the-scenes photo from our Satellite Film and Video original documentary production last week. We produced a beautiful, Covid-19 safe shoot at Radical Family Farms in Sebastopol, CA, directed by Kuang Lee. This is a continuation of our original documentary project Rooted, which premiered at the Cinequest Film festival earlier this year.

We are honored to tell stories of diversity — this time, the story of the struggles and triumphs of Asian-American famers in California, an under-represented group that have faced unbelievable challenges this year. First, of Covid-19’s effect on food supply, and then the recent Californian wildfires. This is an incredibly resilient and scrappy group — and we’re proud to tell their stories. Big thanks to Producer Pamela Gibson MacDougall of Promission Productions, and DP Lance Miller. Photo credits Lizya Du Plessis and Sarah Deragon.

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